The Journey Begins

Just to tell of my purely imperfect life, of deep falls and shallow swims. But mostly about moving on through the road to reach whatever is ultimatum for the universe. No shooting of blames, no hissing, no complaints against anyone or anything. This is merely my discretion, my choices, my wrongs, my rights and i am the one and only earthly being who can write and rewrite my destiny.

I photographed a leafless tree with birds flying in on its branches and away from it into the sky, when I was somewhere around my twenties. For some reason, it became my favorite capture, it was nothing but ordinary but i was proud of it.   Now, when i think, its truly a portrayal of my journey. Yes, every tree around us are journeying even when they are staying put. They are journeying the path of time, the map of seasons and growing every minute, changing their being and form. Every now and then a bird glides in, some stay, nest, nurture and leave, some leave sooner, when some become a part of the leafless life. Companionship is comfort but not to be searched for from desperateness. Let them fly in, stay or leave as they wish. We just need to stay on the path, today far away from yesterday and tomorrow, farther.

We need to set out and search for sweet and bitter, hot and cold, smiles and scorns, love and lust, everything yin and yang. See people and places, explore emotions that are not yet named, feel live and high, all in simplicity and passion. Follow that stranger on the road, later walk hand in hand, moving into that realm of bonding.

This is the chest of my “stranger turned connected-human” and “no one has ever felt this before weirdness”. Move in and sway with the chimes of my soul.


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