Water boy

The world is open with a box of chances not taken. There are uncountable ways to survive and grow in your being. Yet, many of us fail miserably, searching for everything seen and less out of the red-zone. In short,we play safe, keeping our hands from burning and our feet from soiling. Meet Halib, a hardcore desert being, fighting his battle in the arena of this world.


I met him in a part of the Thar desert, at Jaisalmer, in the Indian state of Rajasthan. He was weighed down by the bundle of bottled drinking water on his back. The sand seemed to be pulling him into the depth, but Halib was its very own part, walking the bone-dry grounds of the Thar. He walked over to every tourist group flocking onto the sand dunes, for enjoying the sunset, experiencing a camel ride and moreover giving themselves a break in the barrenness(how contradicting, eh??). Uncles and aunties shooed him off, when the younger folk tried explaining how they had already filled their bags with water bottles. Halib, had not sold even a single bottle when he approached me. I was with the flow too, telling him that I already stored up on water, from the town. Yet, he insisted, “Sister, please buy one,nah?? I have not sold even one bottle for some hours now.” As he was talking my gaze fell on his eyes, deep, brown, strong eyes. It felt as if the entire universe was inside them. I didn’t need water, at the same time couldn’t tell him to scoot. I asked him to sit down beside me for sometime, which he was happy to do. We talked about his school, family, the desert and why i was there. It was pure happiness to talk simple and ordinary, beautiful than all the high end discussions i was having through out the travel. Joyous than the sunset even. It was a moment of sharing pieces of our lives with each other, but it had to end.


Halib had to hit home, few more notes in his pocket. I became a part of his goal, before he left, but those eyes remained stuck to my memories. A reminder to walk on with your bundle of chances and sell them out without tiring, without giving up.


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