The stares that burn and words that bleed

Being a plus sized woman, I have experienced a lot of stares and words that are generally not aimed at anyone. People have taken the size of my body as their ticket to go ahead and insult, make jokes and criticize me and the way I live my life . Now, if you think its just the men that indulge in this weird way of “open communication”, I need to give you an insight into the kind of joy some women get out of it. They simply think its ok to hurl out any set of craftily twisted words at anyone they barely even know. No one even cares or thinks about how the listener would be feeling . No one needs know the other person’s feeling or what the state of their mind would be when they are being trashed, as if they don’t feel or sense.

Earlier I had a feeling the talks happened behind my back and they didn’t want me to know about it. But later I discovered that some folks where even curious to know how I would feel if they knowingly made comments and judgements. Basically, I was made a guinea pig. Now its feels like I lost my chance to tell them what was in my mind, how I felt about myself and how their behavior made me feel.

Well, here you go. I feel confident in the way I am. I know the purpose of my existence does not depend on the size or color of my body. My mind is equipped with the confidence to move on ahead on my own. I have trained myself to pat on my back and doesn’t need any other breathing human soul to keep reassuring how worthy my life is on this earth. I am here to fulfill the reason of my being and there are many others who appreciate my being alive and they will accept me the way I am. My soul will never be crushed by the ignorance of some people I hardly even care about.

Just a note to all who find it amusing to body shame, remember, you don’t know the story of that individual and has no right to just comment on it by your will. We are made to be unique and special, not to be similar to each other,physically or mentally.


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