Changing our Focus

I have worked with corporate companies and NGOs in addition to the freelancing works that I take up. Though both the institutions have huge differences in their management patterns, work models and all other pockets of functioning, I have noticed a thin line of similarity in the unwanted politics and conspiracies between the members or employees. The corporate folks, engage in evident amount of mutual dislike, in addition to the in-evident percentage of loathe. But the NGO situation calls for the most hypocritical scenario.They claim to be working for the betterment of the underprivileged or less fortunate serving them with love and consideration, when they lack all the considerate emotions within themselves.

A healthy competition is an add on to a thriving career in all fields. But need to define ‘healthy competition’:

“Healthy competition focuses on delivering a quality product and continuously looking for ways to improve it so that it’s better than the competitors. Unhealthy competition is negative and focuses on pointing out the flaws in the competing products.”( Courtesy

Yes, healthy competition never focuses in bringing out the flaws in the competitors. But lets apply this in the work environment when we compete with our colleagues, even within the same teams. Have we ever tried to help them overcome their flaws and not focus on them? Have we ever given them an extra hand when their work was going tipsy? Rather, we have given our attention to the mistakes they make and gathered all consideration to their points of weakness. We are trying to come up in life, but it shouldn’t be achieved by pushing another down and stepping on them.

We strive to keep a wide smile outside, one that lacks all genuineness. Who are we fooling here? The people around us? or ourselves? Are we nourishing our consciousness? or rather intoxicating it with vile and hate? Human beings are said to be ‘homo sapiens’ meaning  beings that are discerning, wise and sensible. But we have turned out to be unwise, imbecile and foolish. Yes, we have gone ahead in all fields of science and technology but have had a projectile decline in mutual respect and support.

As responsible beings, we need to be considerate and concerned about the shortcomings of our fellow beings and give them a shoulder to come up in all walks of their life. Let us be coloring each others’ life with bright happy shades. Let us take example from the fishermen who always work in very practical teams and successfully move together.

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