What are we?

There is the acceptable fair and the rejected fair

The invisible dark and the adjustable dark

Short is at times approved but otherwise its a complete red signal

They look for tall for it is bold they say but occasionally it’s found overpowering

Thin is attractive but malnourished; voluptuous is disgraceful but eye filling

Hair is a must they chant but not when set free and open, its demeaning

Cut it short and you become a widow and a survivor, even if they know nothing

Wear a sari and you are Sanskari. Wear it with a sleeveless, you are abominable

Wear a short skirt you are ‘o’ so sexy wear it over unshaven legs, then, “EWW”

Talk English, you are educated,but with a good accent, you’re the despised ‘Madhamma’

What exactly are we? Are we ourselves or someone else’s choice?

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