Manchukkaru by K.R.Sunil

Manchukkaru by K R Sunil was a portrait exhibition conducted at the Uru Art Harbour located in Mattancherry, Kochin. It was a window into the ancient lives of Malabar’s seafarers. An excerpt from Kerala’s rich maritime history. The exhibition was open from December 13/2018 – March 31/2019.
Camera and Edits: Jayakrishnan T V

K R Sunil is a famous photographer from Kodungallur, Kerala. His projects brim with life and color from different parts of India. The portraits of people who remain hidden from the surface of our everyday pursuit. Experiences that are mixed with the sweat and blood of survival. Celebrations that date back to a mysterious past of the land and its people. Stories that are scented with time and change.

He has always motivated me to capture the emotion of people. Not just any random face that we see, but those that will remain carved into the walls of our memory.

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