NOURISHERS- Kunju Kurumban

Our lives have always been made better with the hard work of so many big and small farmers and nurturers. People who keep their love for the land and its produce live. Nourishers-Souls of the Land, is a series focused to show our love and concern to these people who keep their souls within the goodness of our land. A chance to express our gratitude and appreciation when we promote our local products. For products contact: 8111876835 (Please use your headphones)

Souls of the land.
There are those people who would never stop their toil in the soil. However large the loss maybe they always go for another year of ploughing, sowing, caring and harvesting. And many a times they feel more at loss by the deception from the humans around, than from the land. Farmers are our Nourishers. Protecting and standing for them are our duties. Kunju Kurumban is over 70 and not a day goes by without him stepping into his land, watching the plants grow, tenderly caring for them and expect the best to come during harvest. He is a soul of the land.

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