Where do we belong?

Amidst all the chaos
Amidst the claim for borders and lands
Amidst the killings and the protests
Amidst the freak show of patriotism and nationalism
Everything belongs to everyone
Nothing belongs to no one
You, me, him, her, she, he, them, we
No one exists alone
No one reigns alone
It is good to remember
If there’s no Christian/Muslim
You’re no Hindu
If there’s no Hindu/Christian
You’re no Muslim
If there’s no Hindu/Muslim
You’re no Christian
You’re no white/black/brown/yellow/orange/red
You’re not anything without each other
You’re no human with out the nature
But you can be breathless and gone in no time
You are just on the earth like every other being
No different
No greater
No richer
No wiser
Your castes, races and borders means nothing
Your blood is no different from what runs in the whole of humanity
The tails that embellish your names
The money you hold close
Cannot get you worth on this Earth

Cannot get you true worth on this Earth
You don’t play a role in holding this universe together
You are only causing imbalance
So for a moment
Step down from your throne and
Walk bare foot on the earth
Feel the dust beneath your feet and
Remember you belong there.

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