Happiness and Joy to all who took time and thought of visiting this page.

I’m Vineetha.

‘Chime In The Void’ is my identity as a content creator. Always fascinated by the beauty of stories told by great authors, I took a stride towards the field myself. This journey for sure is unending and unwinds with each passing day. I am letting myself be open to all that awaits on the way.
This is the expression of the thoughts that ring within me.This is how I put into words, the faces I see, the talks I enjoy, the souls that touch mine and the places that remain within me. Nothing makes me more joyful than sharing with others, the happiness that I experience from the complete strangers and the totally new places. It is the feeling of fulfillment that pushes me ahead to pen down the thoughts that flow inside my soul. My scribbles will be far from perfection, just the way I am, but I will always strive to keep the genuineness alive. Spare a moment, read through and freely share your reflection!